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The Mantarraya Outpost is a boutique Bed and Breakfast in downtown La Paz, BCS. Just 4 blocks from the boardwalk, which seeks to be a meeting place, social gathering, rest and delicious breakfasts, as well as being the planning and exploration center for countless activities and adventures around La Paz and the Gulf of California.

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"I decided to return to La Paz, the place where I grew up to enjoy the great pleasure of the Sea of Cortez, which Jacques Cousteau called the world's aquarium and whose marine diversity reminds us of the generosity of Mother Nature, which is friendly, warm , playful, patient, serene and romantic with whom he invites him to vacation. I wanted to open a space that I could share with explorers and travelers and enjoy with them the slow living of La Paz, the sea and me with me. I came to resume life and vacation with you, that is why I have prepared a space where you are ready to explore, discover and enjoy an exciting, fun and charming marine experience. I trust that dreams are born with all the possibilities of realization, and that, sometimes, when they seem far away, we just need to expand our energy to achieve them; We are infinitely grateful for the support of our friends, family and contributors because their help has meant a little bit" more of expansion to achieve my dream and share it."

- Luisa Fernanda

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